The baobab tree

The symbol of what we love doing

The baobab tree is the symbol of what we love doing. These unique African trees are known for their bold distinctive forms in the landscape with root like branches reaching skywards. Also called the ‘Upside Down Tree’ they have been woven into our continent’s stories and legends; endurable guardians providing a welcoming oasis in the peaceful landscapes of which they are a part.

In the baobab we are reminded to:

  • Be unique and truly distinctive – it’s not only okay to be you, it is something to embrace and celebrate
  • Become conscious and connected to the roots of your being – what’s most important to you, your beliefs, purpose, passions and potential
  • Be with your breath, slow down and find the quiet nourishing oasis within
  • Break free of the things that hold you back – reach towards your dreams and everything you can be

baobaB connection exists to celebrate and unleash uniqueness

We believe in the power of connecting deeply to self. In this place of connection it is possible to: shift perspective about ourselves and how we relate to the world; realise the choices and potential that await us; be released to our unique possibilities and the change we can Be in the world.