Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How will I know if this will work for me?
  2. Do I need to do anything before attending the retreat?
  3. Why do you run mid-week retreats?
  4. What will my accommodation be like?
  5. What clothes should I pack?
  6. What happens after the retreat?
  7. What makes baobab connection retreats different?


1.) How will I know if this will work for me?

baobaB connection Retreats are open to all. We have a telephone call with you before coming on the retreat to ensure that what we offer is right for you. If not we can help steer you in the right direction to start or carry on with your journey


2.) Do I need to do anything before attending the retreat?

We’ll ask you to complete a questionnaire about yourself and what you would like to get from the retreat. When we’ve received it we’ll be in touch to arrange a 30 minute call to chat about the experience in more depth.

After we’ve spoken to you we will send you some final information about how to prepare for the retreat and a few things you will need to bring with you to use at different points during the retreat.



3.) Why do you run mid-week retreats?

We believe there is nothing that feels quite as blissful as a mid-week break from routine. To drive away from the ‘to-do’s, give yourself permission to focus on you and enjoy every moment of the experience. We strongly recommend planning to keep the day after the retreat finishes clear to give yourself time to integrate the experience and ease into everyday life.


4.) What will my accommodation be like?

Space for each woman to breathe and grow is of the utmost importance, so you will have your own comfortable bedroom to relax in.

The bedrooms are spread-out between a range of different beautiful cottages at Penhill (10 en-suite rooms and 2 with shared bathroom). Bedrooms are allocated on a first come first serve basis. All of these buildings have their own lounges with space to be and access to the delightful gardens. Visit the Penhill Manor site to get more detailed information.


5.) What clothes should I pack?

Clothing that is comfortable and easy to move in with warm items for when its chilly in the early mornings and evenings. Please bring hats and comfortable shoes for walking on mountain paths. As the buildings are spread out it is also useful to bring a rain jacket in case we have wet weather. Pack in some swimwear if you would like to make use of the pools, dam or jacuzzis.


6.) What happens after the retreat?

After you have left the retreat we understand that integrating changes into normal life can be challenging. We provide one to one coaching support tailored to your specific needs and development areas following the retreat. In addition, you will also be able to access a community of women to share and talk with as you make your way back into everyday life.


7.) What makes baobaB connection retreats different?

The experience is a tailor-made, immersive, guided programme designed to change your life for the better. Unlike many other retreats we don’t have one set programme for all groups – we believe that each retreat should be shaped to meet the distinctive needs of each group. We draw on our depth of experience in the field of personal transformation and behavioural change to create unique soul-shifting retreat experiences.

Our approach is very practical, experiential and it is easy to apply learning into every day life.

We relate to the challenges women face and have developed an insightful experience to enable women to thrive on their journey to wholeness.