Meet us

We are passionate about people.

Sarah Campbell-Watts and Lauren Davis bring over 20 years’ of experience in facilitating personal transformation experiences and a deep understanding of change and human behaviour. We relate to the challenges women face and have developed an insightful experience to enable women to thrive on their journey to wholeness. We are passionate about people. What makes them tick and how to unlock the potential of each person we work with. We are pragmatic and down to earth, collectively bringing a raft of experience from our years as facilitators and coaches in personal transformation.




  • Depth of experience in field of personal and professional development gained working as a consultant and facilitator in South Africa and the UK
  • Range of experience includes consulting role at PwC in the UK, running my own business and working with a diverse range of clients across different industry sectors in South Africa
  • Run a range of immersion experiences in different environments: women’s retreats in the Scottish highlands, team building in the Tuli game reserve, senior team in the Magaliesberg, couples’ sessions in the heart of Cape Town; working with women experiencing difficult roads to motherhood.
  • Been part of a team developing and running game lodges and writer for hand-picked accommodation guide to Southern Africa

I love:
Soaky baths, big starry skies, cappuccino chats , my husband’s crazy jokes, crisp cold wine, being fully awake to life, dancing ‘til late, cuddling my two gorgeous boys good night, finding amazing places to stay, solo dawn walks in natural places, holding a space for others to connect to themselves and what they love…




  • Registered clinical psychologist with experience working as a facilitator and coach in the corporate world
  • Worked a variety of contexts: Group HR for a large insurance firm; manager in a consulting company; team leader in a corporate employee wellness organisation; facilitated women’s empowerment workshops in rural Mpumalanga; hospital clinical psychologist; private practice
  • Owner of consulting business offering coaching, facilitation and consulting services to corporate clients in South Africa and other parts of Africa.
  • Main drivers are building authentic relationships, being witness to personal, team and organisational growth and encouraging individuals to work towards living life wholeheartedly

I love:
mountain walks; running on the beach; swimming in the sea; lying in bed reading; curling up on the couch with my husband and kids; drinking red wine with friends; travelling to new places; meeting new people; building communities; uplifting and improving the lives of others

” If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you directly to your purpose”